Individual class


About lesson

The focus of your individual class will always be shaped through our conversation, so that it provides harmony between your needs, goals, your physical and psychological conditions, as well as any health and other limitations. Individual classes are specifically designed for those who prefer one-to-one atmosphere and more individual approach. The format of individual class allows me to be there only for you.

Types of individual classes

We can work together – just you and me – at individual classes of yoga: should it be hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, yoga for pregnancy, yoga relaxation, or classes oriented on relaxation and breathing techniques, deeper exploration of yoga postures, or relaxation and meditation techniques through yoga or dance. During the individual contemporary dance classes I will guide you through body awareness, correct body posture, or letting go of any tensions or shyness that may possibly hinder your dance experience.

I help beginners with their first dance steps, and those advanced with deepening their own movement creativity, designing their own choreographies or with their authentic expression through various contemporary dance techniques (such as floorwork, release technique, improvisation, etc.).

When to arrange your class

You and I, we both need to set certain time for our meeting. At the same time, there is a limited number of individual classes in each month. Therefore in case you are interested please contact me at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance.


May be you already have a place where you prefer to have your individual class – I am happy to come and meet you there. If you let me choose, I will invite you to one of our dance or yoga rooms. For yoga classes especially, I recommend the cosy and nicely quiet Pure Yoga studio that I have worked with quite closely for some time already and appreciated it.


The rates vary depending on the class length (60 min / 75 min / 90 min or longer).

Learn more

You can find out more about the prices and the setting of individual classes, or ask any question during our initial conversation.