Dagmar Dash Voudouragkaki

About me

My deep relationship to the dance put down its roots back in my childhood and today, together with yoga, it is a strong and lasting source of the joy of life and vitality for me. I was able to use my passion for dance in many performances, as well as develop a number of my own choreographies. Over time, my dance practice became naturally complemented by yoga and meditation. I have taught dance and yoga for almost twenty years. I am a certified instructor for hatha yoga. I teach Contemporary dance, natural dance, relaxation with aromatherapy and yoga courses for the general public and organize weekend retreats “Breath In and Fly”.


You will find a respectful and sensitive teacher in me. In my classes I help and support everyone’s own initiative on their path to relaxation, contentment and joy of their own creativity. I help people discover their innate capacity to dance, rest, and move naturally and to express themselves without an unnecessary fear or shyness.

I find an endless inspiration for dance and yoga in the dynamic expressions of nature. Through silent moments out in the countryside or moments with my personal relaxation and meditation I rest and cultivate my mind. I dearly love the salty fragrance of the sea, the wind, my man Janis, and the infinitely wide open views on our beloved island.

“Dance by its nature is something so natural that I simply help everyone to re-discover it. I help them to return from a temporary exile to the freedom of being at home, once again.”

Fotografie Taka Tuka // Design Tvrdek

Individual class

It is in individual dance or yoga classes where you will have all the time, space and my complete attention just for yourself. We will have a patient and kind conversation together about your expectations, interests or needs. I will guide you through the process of deepening and cultivating your body and mind self-awareness. For every class we will meet in a place that offers you a pleasant and quiet setting and in time that fits you best.

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